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About TWI


Therapeutic Welfare Interventions Pty Ltd (TWI) was established in 2014 to provide a structure for the continuation of the specialized services for children, young people, and family focused organisations and individuals that were provided by the Thomas Wright Institute (also known as TWI).  Marymead Child and Family Centre, who have sponsored the work of the Thomas Wright Institute since 1999 decided to close the Institute at the end of 2013.  The new TWI will continue to provide services to the sector and maintain the relationships with individuals, professional associates, programs and external organsiations that have been developed over the past 14 years.


The work of TWI has been dedicated to seeking out, promoting, and if necessary developing options for children and young people whose  behaviours perplex, challenge and threaten us – and to provide support for organisations and practitioners who work with them (Howard Bath, the first Director of TWI on the occasion of its opening in 1999).  This continues to be our mission.


TWI has three main enterprise areas:

·       Assessment, treatment and consultancy

·       Training and professional development

·       Program development and support


We provide these services through engaging the skills, knowledge and specialized experience of our Director and Professional Associates, and through our close collaboration with outside agencies.  In particular, in the areas of training and program development, we work closely with the Bronfenbrenner Centre for Translational Research at Cornell University.


TWI is based in Canberra ACT with professional associates across Australia.  Training, consultancy and program development services are provided for organisations in the child welfare, education, disability, juvenile justice and mental health fields in any State or Territory whereas direct treatment services are provided in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding areas of New South Wales. 


Principal Staff


Director of TWI 

Diana Boswell, BAMA, PhD, MAPS, MANZATSA

Registered Psychologist AHPRA PSY0000949670


Dr Boswell has a first degree from the Australian National University followed by graduate clinical and research degrees in child and adolescent psychology from the University of Toronto. In Canada she worked in a Head Start program (early intervention), the Toronto school system, Thistletown Regional Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health day program, and the Queens Street Mental Health Centre’s secure forensic unit for adolescents. 


On returning to Australia she worked in a TEACCH program (early intervention for children with autism or communication handicaps). She joined Marymead Child and Family Centre in 1992 working as a clinician, manager and CEO working across out-of-home care, family support and disability programs. In 2000 she moved to the Thomas Wright Institute and has participated in the research, program development, assessment, training, staff supervision and university teaching provided by the Institute.  With wide experience as an academic, practitioner, program manager, and agency director, she has both a broad theoretical framework and a 'hands-on' and program management perspective.


Translating research to inform practice frameworks has always been an interest. Dr Boswell is co-author of Caring Crisis Management, a crisis management course for disability service practitioners, and of The Three Pillars of Transforming Care, a course for foster carers providing a home for children who have experienced trauma. Both these courses have been widely adopted by agencies and programs across Australia.  She has presented at numerous workshops in the areas of challenging behaviour; the effects of trauma on the brain and behaviour of children, and autism spectrum disorders. She is an accredited Instructor with the Cornell University Therapeutic Crisis Intervention project and the CARE model for therapeutic interventions in child and family services; an accredited trainer with the Life Space Crisis Institute; and an accredited trainer with Reclaiming Youth International


Program development has also been an interest throughout her professional life.  Dr Boswell has designed and implemented therapeutic foster and residential care programs and worked as part of the team developing and implementing two residential treatment programs for young people with problematic sexual behaviours. She has been a consultant with education and juvenile facilities on organisational change. In recent years she has become part of the Cornell University led teams working to implement the CARE model for therapeutic services in organisations across Australia. 


TWI contracts the services of other specially qualified professionals for specific training or consultancy projects or to provide specialized assessment and treatment.