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Specialised Assessment and Treatment services


TWI provides a range of direct assessment and treatment services for children, young people and families. The standard, comprehensive assessment of a young person with problematic behaviours (averaging around 20 hours of work) involves a thorough review of the case history and any previous assessments; interviews with the young person, his/her parents or carers and other significant figures such as doctors, teachers, and counsellors; in-situ observations (if appropriate); the administration of further tests of psychological function (if necessary); a discussion and summary of findings; and recommendations for further action.  Shorter more focused assessments or preliminary opinions may be provided on request or where there are confidentiality concerns that limit wider inquiry.


We focus on:


-       Assessment and treatment with children and young people (and sometimes adults) with problematic sexual behaviour. The approach is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs of the child within their context and the need for a practical intervention plan.

-       Assessment and treatment of children and young people with developmental disabilities and behaviour problems.

-       Complex case analysis and interventions.

-       Court directed assessments of children and families


Diana Boswell is also a member of the Autism Asperger ACT Early Intervention Consortium and provides assessment and treatment for children with an AutismSpectrum Disorder.  Diagnoses are made using the ADOS and ADI-R and intervention programs are developed with families.



In addition, all practitioners associated with TWI have always maintained a strong interest in the provision of services for children and young people in out-of-home care and in supporting their carers


Contacting and requesting an intake form initiates the referral process. Referrals will be considered by TWI psychologists on a weekly basis and responded to in a timely manner. If we are able to accept the referral we will seek further details and develop a quotation for the anticipated cost of the assessment.