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Specialised Assessment and Treatment services


TWI provides a range of direct assessment and treatment services for children, young people and families. The standard, comprehensive assessment of a young person with problematic behaviours (averaging around 20 hours of work) involves a thorough review of the case history and any previous assessments; interviews with the young person, his/her parents or carers and other significant figures such as doctors, teachers, and counselors; in-situ observations (if appropriate); the administration of further tests of psychological function (if necessary); a discussion and summary of findings; and recommendations for further action.  Shorter more focused assessments or preliminary opinions may be provided on request or where there are confidentiality concerns that limit wider inquiry.


A new project is introducing the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment instruments (Praed Foundation) in our work with education and child welfare organisations.  This approach, new to Australia, supports the development and implementation of a cohesive intervention action plan with responsibility shared by the multiple family members and agencies involved with a complex case.  The CANS process has been effective in improving communication and collaboration between all those involved in striving to improve outcomes for children.


We focus on:


-       Assessment and treatment with children and young people (and sometimes adults) with problematic sexual behaviour. The approach is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs of the child within their context and the need for a practical intervention plan.

-       Assessment and treatment of children and young people with developmental disabilities and behaviour problems.

-       Complex case analysis and interventions.

-       Court directed assessments of children and families


Diana Boswell is also a member of the Autism Asperger ACT Early Intervention Consortium and provides assessment and treatment for children with an AutismSpectrum Disorder.  Diagnoses are made using the ADOS and ADI-R and intervention programs are developed with families.


In addition, all practitioners associated with TWI have always maintained a strong interest in the provision of services for children and young people in out-of-home care and in supporting their carers


Contacting and requesting an intake form initiates the referral process. Referrals will be considered by TWI psychologists on a weekly basis and responded to in a timely manner. If we are able to accept the referral we will seek further details and develop a quotation for the anticipated cost of the assessment.