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Treatment , Training and Program Development for Children Youth and Family Services


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Therapeutic Welfare Interventions will be closing on June 30, 2022.  The Director, Dr Boswell is retiring.  Dr Bath is continuing to provide training in The Three Pillars of Transforming Care and can be reached at Howard.Bath@allambicare.org.au


It has been a privilege to work with the many individuals, programs, organisations and government departments who have shared our vision of creating environments to positively change the outcomes for those accessing child and family support services in Australia and overseas.


I have been very fortunate to have been able to share my professional life with my colleagues: Vicki Brown who kept the organization organized and me on track; Howard, of course, who kept me thinking and striving to always do better and to develop better applications for knowledge and skills; Jenny Howell who pushed me to develop new perspectives and skills to work with young people with problematic sexual behaviours; and Sharon Atkins for contributing to our trauma training and being a sounding board as I struggled to always be accountable in my opinions. And heartfelt thanks to my son Will for designing, developing and managing my website.  Always available, sensitive to my needs and responsive. A great sense of security!




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Howard Bath, with John Seita, has recently published The Three Pillars of Transforming Care: Trauma and Resilience in the Other 23 Hours.  This book is written to be helpful for those providing direct care for children who have experienced multiple chronic and ongoing adverse life events.  It provides a framework for understanding traumagenic needs and practical skills for intervening to meet those needs and provide better outcomes for children

The book can be either read alone or in conjunction with attending the Three Pillars of Transforming Care: Essentials for working with traumatised children and young people in the Other 23 Hours course.

For further details about obtaining the book, please contact




Newly updated: Three Pillars of Transforming Care: Essentials for working with traumatised children and young people in the Other 23 Hours course.


This training course was developed by Dr Howard Bath and Dr Diana Boswell to provide a practice framework for trauma informed care. It has been widely implemented by out-of-home care providers in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory since 2008. The program was recently adopted by the international organisation Save The Children as their core training for Swedish programs working with refugee unaccompanied minors. The practice framework has been adopted by Norwegian government agencies supporting children and families.  The Three Pillars course has been delivered in programs across the USA and in New Zealand.  The train-the-trainer program was provided for a consortium of out-of-home care providers in Alberta, Canada in 2018.

In 2019 the course was introduced to child and family support services in Ireland. 

Howard has been invited to present key note addresses on the 3 Pillars Framework across Scandinavia, Europe, UK, USA and Australia and NZ.

For further details about the course please see the Training and Development page.


Please contact Dr Bath at Howard.Bath@allambicare.org.au